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Step 1: Medical Necessity

Clinical is needed from patient’s primary care physician or specialist to see if the medical necessity criteria is met for Texas Medicaid. Clinical information is also reviewed for approval of nursing home facility criteria.  Patient must but be a resident of Texas and a U.S. Citizen or Alien with approved status (legalized or permanent resident alien).

Step 2: Income

Maximum Gross Income:

Individual (with ineligible spouse)-$2,250
Couple (both spouses applying for Medicaid at the same time)-$4,500

Income greater than those above require a Qualified Income Trust income trust or sometime referred to as a Miller’s Trust which is created by an elder law attorney.

Income is considered social security benefits, interest of dividends, royalty & rental, earnings or wages, Veterans benefits

Step 3: Resources

Maximum Countable Resources

Couple (both spouses applying for medicaid at the same time)-$3,000

Resources are considered bank accounts, CD’s, jewelry and antiques, motor vehicles, stocks and bonds, burial plots and funds,  life insurance policies, cash

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